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Super excited to show you guys this week’s challenge!! Even though TGY takes up a lot...

Super excited to show you guys this week’s challenge!! Even though TGY takes up a lot of my weekends from taking breaks and catching up with my sleep from school, but this latest challenge killed two birds with one stone because I managed to enjoy the tranquillity of Pasir Ris Estates while taking a break from school!!

Even though I grew up in the East, I’ve never really spend time noticing the infrastructures and superstructures of my area, and even when I travel to Pasir Ris for chalets and family day outs all I did was to have fun, but going down this weekend to notice the beauty of a place really struck me for not noticing the beauty of Pasir Ris after going there for so many times!!!

People probably know about Pasir Ris beach and it’s bicycle kiosk and stuff, but do you know this bridge exist? It’s really quiet there, definitely not crowded, and you can see birds in the reservoir walking around, with water flowing gently down the stream, definitely a place you’ll want to go to experience some serenity with your loved ones!!

Anyway credits to @x_seanwong on Instagram for taking photos of me!
At Pasir Ris, there’s places like Wild Wild Wet, D’resort chalet that everyone knows, but

There’s also a Café you won’t want to miss, it’s the 5 Drunken Rabbits located at 201 Pasir Ris Road, 519147, a place for Family Gathering or just to spend quality time with people you love!!
I don’t have images of it because I’m speaking from the experience I had there months ago with my family, but it’s definitely a place I would recommend you to try out!!
They also cater to event like High Tea, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties or Product Launch so do check them out!!
Here’s some photos from the net, credits to respective owners!!
 What a great view to spend time chilling with your loved ones right!!!

Downtown East is also another place you should definitely try to come, with a Cinema, the largest water theme park in Singapore, great food, and a resort, it’s really a place you should take time off to go with your family and friends!!!

Don’t underestimate the housing estates here as well, right beside the community center with a GYM and POOL that is given hats down to many, the houses are really beautifully painted blue by the beach, and they even have a walking path right below the buildings and beside the reservoir, how great is that? 
The community center has way more than just a gym and a pool, but also Fast Food chinas like Macdonalds, sports hall,s Toats Box, and many sports related shops you should definitely check out!!!

If you need army equipments or crave for 老伴豆花,head down to Pasir Ris interchange!!
 Imagine spending your Saturday mornings taking walks with your loved ones at the park, enjoying the scenery of the beach and the quietness of the area!!
Pasir Ris also has Pasir Ris Park Mangrove Boardwalk which I’ve yet to try, I’ll write my experience about the place the next time I head there after my finals alright!!
The usual places that I always visit when I go to Pasir Ris would be White Sands which I went today as well but was too crowded to take any picture. After renovation the mall has Starbucks, Cotton On, Subway, Sakae Sushi, Popular, Value Dollar Shop, and many of food chains located on the outer side of the mall selling beautiful donuts, fried chicken, pizza etc!! I don’t have images to show you because it’s really crowded there today, but the experience I had there really sums up to me encouraging you to go down to spend a day there with you family / friends!! Its going to be a quality time spend with your family, and at the same time getting the things you want!!
There’s so much more about Pasir Ris that I’ve yet to say, but I definitely had fun exploring Pasir Ris and it’s definitely a place that’s way too under-noticed! It’s a place full of things at a corner of an island, so spend your next mini-break at Pasir Ris!!
Share with me your experience alright!!
Till the next time, Love you!!!
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